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Fayetteville Attorney, Stephen D. Ott, specializes in Real Estate Closings in Fayette County, Fulton County, Clayton County, Spalding County, and Coweta County, Georgia.

Real Estate Closings

Real Estate Closings

A real estate transaction is a significant event. It needs to be done correctly. Do you want a call years down the road telling you it wasn't? Whether you are buying or selling, you will want to know the closing is being handled professionally, efficiently, and as conveniently as possible. You can depend on the Ott firm's experience and ability to close your deal.


Tell them you close with someone you know and trust. Tell them you close with Stephen.


The purchaser and seller in a real estate transaction will be required to provide identification at the time of closing. A state issued identification is required. Sometimes lenders require the purchaser to provide two forms of identification. In that case, usually a work id, a passport, social security card, or a credit card will be enough.

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